Listening to Ignite Thinking

For coaches and leaders who want to communicate with their full attention, check out the book, More Time to Think by Nancy Kline. Notable quote: 

Listening to reply is different from listening to ignite” (2015, p. 37).  

Kline describes ways of being and thinking that, for me, complement and expand Otto Scharmer’s work on generative listening. Scharmer asserts that, “listening is at the core of all great leadership” (2015). He offers this observation:

A great coach is listening to my current struggles in terms of noticing already the arrival of my future possibilities, of connecting, being able to see my tomorrow self, my emerging future self, and by paying attention to it, helping me to connect with that… I see you not only in terms of your past but in terms of your highest future possibilities (2015).

As a leader or coach, how do you listen to ignite thinking?



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Scharmer, O. (2015). Otto Scharmer on the four levels of listening