Creating Successful Workplaces

RLM Learning Innovations is a leader in the design and facilitation of corporate education and training programs focused on inclusion, leadership and team-building. We provide organizational coaching services to support the development of leadership strengths and team cohesion. Our goal? To help our clients foster inclusion, develop stronger leaders, enhance performance and build more effective teams. In pursuit of this goal, we've helped some of Canada's most respected private and public organizations enhance their workplaces to achieve even greater success. Rhonda Margolis, Principal of RLM, has focused her career on human dynamics in the workplace. She is committed to creating workplaces that bring out the best in people.

Coaching Services

Looking for an alternative to group learning in workshop settings? Coaching can provide customized learning opportunities for individuals and teams. RLM offers one-on-one and team coaching to explore possibilities, enhance capacity and take action.

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Creating a Coaching Culture

Research shows that an engaged workplace makes for a great workplace. Engaged employees want to be part of the organization and are willing to make an extra effort to contribute to the well-being of one another, their clients, and the success of the business.

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For Coaches: Mentoring and Supervision

Reflective practice is at the heart of developing and deepening our skills and ways of being as a coach. RLM offers mentoring and supervision with deep respect and acknowledgement of your commitment to your self-development, your practice and your clients.

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